Scott Kelby

[The SpinLight 360] was one of the cooler new gadgets I saw at WPPI this week — it’s a “better light from your hot shoe” flash system that’s pretty darn clever.

I ran into them on the Expo floor and then I asked our video crew to stop by and do a quick video. Worth checking out the short 3-minute video.


Scott Bourne,

I’ve promoted and used many flash modifiers during my tenure here at Photofocus but I am throwing the old ones away because I can’t think of anything that tops the Spinlight 360 System.

It comes with 2 Full Domes, 1 Half Dome, Snoot, 4 Bounce Cards. Also Includes 3 Gel Disks & 1 1/2 CTO Gels. It works better than anything I’ve tried and offers professional-quality solutions at a pro-sumer price.


Sam Mallery, B&H inDepth


While it’s possible to build a light modifier for an on-camera flash with parts you can find at a hardware store, manufactured systems not only look more professional, they give you greater creative control, and they’re easier and faster to set up and adjust. The Spinlight 360 EXTREME Modular System is a good example.

It includes two white and two black bounce cards, a snoot, several domes and half domes, gels and more. The 360 EXTREME is compatible with many Canon and Nikon speedlights, including the 600EX-RT and the SB-910. The most notable design feature is that you can add and remove modifiers to and from its ring assembly with one hand, as well as spin the attached parts to any angle required.


Jaron Schneider, Fstoppers

Often, we don’t have time to set up an elaborate lighting arrangement, but we still need the light to not look like it came off a disposable Kodak. For times like those, a quick and easy system is key, and that’s where the Spinlight comes in. A brand new product to 2012, this compact kit is sturdy and modular- two important factors to the most discerning of photographers.


Neil Van Niekerk

There hasn’t been a flash modifier on the market that really did what I wanted, until now…the SpinLight 360 {is} an ingenious flash modifier.

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