The SpinLight 360 is hands down the best flash modifier I have ever used. For all the Weddings and Portraits I service and create professionally, it is sincerely the single piece of equipment that I find necessary in my bag at all times. I found this brilliant gem at a Photo Expo in NJ and never second guessed my purchase. Particularly I use the flash dome and deflector with white reflector card. Its like having a beauty dish, Octobox, snoot and soft box all in one convenient and simple package to use right with your flash or Speedlite. With this little bit of a kit, I can manipulate and fold the light in almost any desired setup….on location or in studio. Plus I might add, the kit is super lite weight and quick to setup. I would recommend this Flash Modifier to anyone whom demands the utmost control over their lighting situation. I look forward to any further upgrades and accessories this company might create in the future. Innovative stuff!