How Do I Love Thee, SpinLight 360

As a freelance news photographer I am constantly dealing with some of the most challenging lighting conditions. Things happen quickly and rarely is there time to move our subjects to where the half-decent light is. Press conferences, political rallies, ceremonies, and celebrations often take place in dark corridors or poorly lit auditoriums. But I am responsible for getting good shots, in spite of bad conditions.

[Shooting for the] Red Cross, I’m covering fires, often in the dark of night, photographing people in makeshift shelters, chronicling fund raisers, children’s holiday parties, celebrations, post-fire walk-throughs often in tenement conditions, and the annual Red Ball…held in…a cavernous room…with red atmospheric lighting and there are no white ceilings or walls from which to bounce flash. The first year, I had the Red Carpet assignment, and I used the Spinlight 360 with my camera mounted on a tripod. In fact, it was my Spinlight’s debut on my camera and it did not let me down. I used the large white card to create a “little ceiling” and we had the best red carpet shots ever! This year I [shot] candids at the ball, where the dim lights and red accents were my biggest challenge. Spinlight 360 was a shining star, and so was the photographer!

The success stories with my Spinlight 360 are mounting. A few weeks ago I photographed the Northeast Philadelphia Hall of Fame inductions in a VERY dimly lit auditorium. I was the only photographer with flash and I was the only photographer who had GREAT shots from the event.

I’m thrilled with the Spinlight 360’s performance and recommend it to every photographer in my circle. It comes with me on every assignment and gives me the confidence to know I’ll be coming home with great photos.