As an adventure and lifestyle photographer working outdoors in wind, cold or harsh sun, I need a lighting system that is portable, easy to use and set up and delivers studio quality lighting.  The Spinlight 360 Extreme system is just GREAT for outdoor on camera and wireless off camera speedlight mods.  I’ve use several other modifier systems like Honl, Gary Fong, and Digital Light and Harbor and I think the Spinlight 360 is by far the best designed and capable speedlight light modifier kit out there.

I especially like the grids, the snoot and the bounce cards.  I use the white card to bounce and soften light and the black card to block light where I don’t want it to go.  The spinning housing that attaches to the speedlight really makes this easy.  I like the grids and snoot for harder edged environmental portraits of athletes.  I like the amber gels for their pleasing warmth and how they solidly attach and don’t interfere with the attachment of additional modifiers.  I have a kit for each of my 3 canon 600RT speed lights.

This past winter I had an assignment to photograph a champion Iditarod dog musher in Alaska in late December and it sure was cold.  The spinlight 360 system performed well at sub-zero temperatures and was easy to work even with gloves on.  The snoot and grid along with the black gobo cards were very effective at keeping unwanted light off the snow and focused on the subject.