First Impressions: Modifiers galore. The SpinLight 360 Extreme seems to have every modifier I’d need. I love how easy it is to attach and detach the modifiers with ease and also the ability to spin the modifier 360 degrees for additional light control which is a huge benefit in a fast pace environment…What is also amazing is how you could build on to the existing modifier for greater fine tuning ability of light…For a strobist like me, the ability to fine tune light is huge. The SpinLight 360 ring module fits securely to your flash which makes me feel comfortable…The aesthetics of the SpinLight 360 is also rather professional which is great in a capacity when image is important.

After First Use: Wow. Absolutely amazing. The SpinLight 360 Extreme saved me at the latest wedding I second shot. So you are wondering how right? Well, let’s say that my radio triggers were interfering with another photographers triggers which prevented me to execute edge lighting from off camera flash. Since the SpinLight 360 Extreme includes a wealth of modifiers for almost every situation, specifically the half dome along with the 6 inch white card, I was able to execute lighting effects that usually required multiple off camera lights to execute…with the Spinlight 360 on camera.

 There were also situations where I need to change the SpinLight 360 half dome into a full frosted dome and was able to make the change within a matter of seconds. For a fast paced event like a wedding every second counts…Using the SpinLight 360 Extreme for the wedding was an absolute breeze.

Conclusion: If you are a photographer that uses mainly on-camera flash, then the SpinLight 360 Extreme is a must have lighting modifier…due to the ability to combine multiple modifers like the half dome and the white or black bounce card you’d be able to achieve looks commonly only unique to multiple light off camera lighting setups.

For off-camera lighting strobists, the SpinLight 360 Extreme will surely not disappoint. With the ability to add white cards and black cards along with a half dome or soft full dome, you’d be able to flag light without the need to purchase black foil and use as a DIY flag.

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