John Aquino, Condé Nast

I love the spinlight 360 and never take it off my flash. It provides a beautiful, even light that makes it look like you’re in a studio without carrying all of the equipment. I can’t shoot without it. It evens out the light with no hotspot. It’s an excellent kit with all the accessories. I can’t say enough good things about it. So glad I got it! – [Fashion Photographer]

Thomas Iannaccone, Condé Nast

I’m a fashion photographer and I love my Spinlight 360 and accessories and use them all the time. Not only does it provide beautiful, studio quality lighting, but you have so many great possibilities at your fingertips. You can use your imagination and creativity and take your photos to a whole new level. The gels and everything are so convenient. My colleagues saw the great results I’ve been getting with the Spinlight and they all got them too. I highly recommend it and have told all my photographer friends to get it.

Michelle Alton

How Do I Love Thee, SpinLight 360

As a freelance news photographer I am constantly dealing with some of the most challenging lighting conditions. Things happen quickly and rarely is there time to move our subjects to where the half-decent light is. Press conferences, political rallies, ceremonies, and celebrations often take place in dark corridors or poorly lit auditoriums. But I am responsible for getting good shots, in spite of bad conditions.

[Shooting for the] Red Cross, I’m covering fires, often in the dark of night, photographing people in makeshift shelters, chronicling fund raisers, children’s holiday parties, celebrations, post-fire walk-throughs often in tenement conditions, and the annual Red Ball…held in…a cavernous room…with red atmospheric lighting and there are no white ceilings or walls from which to bounce flash. The first year, I had the Red Carpet assignment, and I used the Spinlight 360 with my camera mounted on a tripod. In fact, it was my Spinlight’s debut on my camera and it did not let me down. I used the large white card to create a “little ceiling” and we had the best red carpet shots ever! This year I [shot] candids at the ball, where the dim lights and red accents were my biggest challenge. Spinlight 360 was a shining star, and so was the photographer!

The success stories with my Spinlight 360 are mounting. A few weeks ago I photographed the Northeast Philadelphia Hall of Fame inductions in a VERY dimly lit auditorium. I was the only photographer with flash and I was the only photographer who had GREAT shots from the event.

I’m thrilled with the Spinlight 360’s performance and recommend it to every photographer in my circle. It comes with me on every assignment and gives me the confidence to know I’ll be coming home with great photos.



Lawrence Atienza

First Impressions: Modifiers galore. The SpinLight 360 Extreme seems to have every modifier I’d need. I love how easy it is to attach and detach the modifiers with ease and also the ability to spin the modifier 360 degrees for additional light control which is a huge benefit in a fast pace environment…What is also amazing is how you could build on to the existing modifier for greater fine tuning ability of light…For a strobist like me, the ability to fine tune light is huge. The SpinLight 360 ring module fits securely to your flash which makes me feel comfortable…The aesthetics of the SpinLight 360 is also rather professional which is great in a capacity when image is important.

After First Use: Wow. Absolutely amazing. The SpinLight 360 Extreme saved me at the latest wedding I second shot. So you are wondering how right? Well, let’s say that my radio triggers were interfering with another photographers triggers which prevented me to execute edge lighting from off camera flash. Since the SpinLight 360 Extreme includes a wealth of modifiers for almost every situation, specifically the half dome along with the 6 inch white card, I was able to execute lighting effects that usually required multiple off camera lights to execute…with the Spinlight 360 on camera.

 There were also situations where I need to change the SpinLight 360 half dome into a full frosted dome and was able to make the change within a matter of seconds. For a fast paced event like a wedding every second counts…Using the SpinLight 360 Extreme for the wedding was an absolute breeze.

Conclusion: If you are a photographer that uses mainly on-camera flash, then the SpinLight 360 Extreme is a must have lighting modifier…due to the ability to combine multiple modifers like the half dome and the white or black bounce card you’d be able to achieve looks commonly only unique to multiple light off camera lighting setups.

For off-camera lighting strobists, the SpinLight 360 Extreme will surely not disappoint. With the ability to add white cards and black cards along with a half dome or soft full dome, you’d be able to flag light without the need to purchase black foil and use as a DIY flag.

Join The SpinLight 360 Lighting Revolution





Michael DeYoung

As an adventure and lifestyle photographer working outdoors in wind, cold or harsh sun, I need a lighting system that is portable, easy to use and set up and delivers studio quality lighting.  The Spinlight 360 Extreme system is just GREAT for outdoor on camera and wireless off camera speedlight mods.  I’ve use several other modifier systems like Honl, Gary Fong, and Digital Light and Harbor and I think the Spinlight 360 is by far the best designed and capable speedlight light modifier kit out there.

I especially like the grids, the snoot and the bounce cards.  I use the white card to bounce and soften light and the black card to block light where I don’t want it to go.  The spinning housing that attaches to the speedlight really makes this easy.  I like the grids and snoot for harder edged environmental portraits of athletes.  I like the amber gels for their pleasing warmth and how they solidly attach and don’t interfere with the attachment of additional modifiers.  I have a kit for each of my 3 canon 600RT speed lights.

This past winter I had an assignment to photograph a champion Iditarod dog musher in Alaska in late December and it sure was cold.  The spinlight 360 system performed well at sub-zero temperatures and was easy to work even with gloves on.  The snoot and grid along with the black gobo cards were very effective at keeping unwanted light off the snow and focused on the subject.

Joel Simpson

I’ve used many modifiers on my flashes, but I’m now completely devoted to the Spinlight 360. I find that even when I light a face directly, I’m getting more molding of the face for a more 3-d effect that I got with various soft boxes and bouncers. And when I bounce the light off a wall, I can get wonderful directional effects. So it’s both more flattering and more versatile than the stationary modifiers I’ve used. It also comes with various add-ons that give you even more nuances of light with your on-camera flash.

Scott Kelby

[The SpinLight 360] was one of the cooler new gadgets I saw at WPPI this week — it’s a “better light from your hot shoe” flash system that’s pretty darn clever.

I ran into them on the Expo floor and then I asked our video crew to stop by and do a quick video. Worth checking out the short 3-minute video.


Sam Hanna, Food Network

The SpinLight 360 and it’s superb system allows me the ability and ease of which to push light in any direction, to reflect off walls and ceilings, yet give the great “pop” I look for in my food shots. I rely on the SpinLight 360 for my food photo projects. A great product and clever design I’ve come to rely on.

Scott Bourne,

I’ve promoted and used many flash modifiers during my tenure here at Photofocus but I am throwing the old ones away because I can’t think of anything that tops the Spinlight 360 System.

It comes with 2 Full Domes, 1 Half Dome, Snoot, 4 Bounce Cards. Also Includes 3 Gel Disks & 1 1/2 CTO Gels. It works better than anything I’ve tried and offers professional-quality solutions at a pro-sumer price.


C.S. Muncy, The Photo Brigade

The SpinLight 360 – I like the idea of being able to essentially carry a studio’s worth of light-modifiers in your camera bag. It’s modular nature and rigid body makes it more adaptable to multiple applications than say, the Gary Fong-type attachments. photo brigade flash photography spinlight 360

Sam Mallery, B&H inDepth


While it’s possible to build a light modifier for an on-camera flash with parts you can find at a hardware store, manufactured systems not only look more professional, they give you greater creative control, and they’re easier and faster to set up and adjust. The Spinlight 360 EXTREME Modular System is a good example.

It includes two white and two black bounce cards, a snoot, several domes and half domes, gels and more. The 360 EXTREME is compatible with many Canon and Nikon speedlights, including the 600EX-RT and the SB-910. The most notable design feature is that you can add and remove modifiers to and from its ring assembly with one hand, as well as spin the attached parts to any angle required.


Jaron Schneider, Fstoppers

Often, we don’t have time to set up an elaborate lighting arrangement, but we still need the light to not look like it came off a disposable Kodak. For times like those, a quick and easy system is key, and that’s where the Spinlight comes in. A brand new product to 2012, this compact kit is sturdy and modular- two important factors to the most discerning of photographers.


Mitch Aunger, PlanetMitch,

The SpinLight 360 – It’s pretty cool.  There are several bizzillion accessories that come with this.  This is the first flash modifier I’ve seen on the market with a black modifier bounce card.  [The SpinLight 360] spins and makes it very easy to get the bounce card exactly where you want it.  Plus you get all of the different modifiers you can use to really get the flavor of light that you want.  There are bizzillions of ways to modify the light with this.  You get so many more options with the SpinLight 360.  I highly recommend it.

IMPress Best of Show



We were proud to be selected as the Best of Show at the PDN PhotoPlus Conference + Expo held in New York in October 2012  by IMPress Magazine an International Press Association publication.  read more…

John Capone

The concept and mechanism of this product are ingenious — ”spinning” and “throwing” the light in the direction needed, with minimal manipulation of the flashhead itself.

Neil Van Niekerk

There hasn’t been a flash modifier on the market that really did what I wanted, until now…the SpinLight 360 {is} an ingenious flash modifier.

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Thomas Bryant

The SpinLight 360 is hands down the best flash modifier I have ever used. For all the Weddings and Portraits I service and create professionally, read more…