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What’s the difference?


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What our customers are saying

We love the SpinLight 360® and have enjoyed first hand the amazing results it can achieve, but your don’t have to take our word for it.

The SpinLight 360 was one of the cooler new gadgets I saw at WPPI this week — it’s a “better light from your hot shoe” flash system that’s pretty darn clever.

Scott Kelby

I’ve promoted and used many flash modifiers during my tenure here at Photofocus but I am throwing the old ones away because I can’t think of anything that tops the Spinlight 360 System.

Scott Bourne

There hasn’t been a flash modifier on the market that really did what I wanted, until now…the SpinLight 360 is an ingenious flash modifier.

Neil Van Niekerk

What’s The Difference?

SpinLight 360® EVENT

A great option at a great price
  • The SpinLight 360® Ring Module
  • Gel System Capability
  • Velcro Attachment
  • Clear Full Dome
  • 4″ Black Bounce Card
  • 4″ White Bounce Card
  • 3 Clear Gel Disks
  • FULL CTO Gel
  • HALF CTO Gel
  • White Full Dome
  • Half Dome
  • Snoot
  • 6″ Black Bounce Card
  • 6″ White Bounce Card

All  SpinLight 360® Kits are compatible with all SpinLight 360® Modifiers and Bounce Cards.

Flashes Not Included.