Black Snoot


  • Oval Spotlight
  • Compatible With All SpinLight 360® Ring Modules
  • Twist And Click To Instantly Attach
  • Perfect Hair Light/Backlight For Portraits
  • Made In The USA


The Black Snoot narrows the light beam into an edged oval spotlight. The oval size will vary with the light-to-subject distance. When used as an accent light the snoot helps to separate the subject from the background. It can also be used as a hair light. The light emitted with the Black Snoot is approximately 1.5 stops more intense than the light emitted with the White Snoot. Compatible with all SpinLight 360® Ring Modules.

Compatible With All SpinLight 360® Ring Modules.
Ring Module Sold Separately.


Scott Kelby

[The SpinLight 360] was one of the cooler new gadgets I saw at WPPI this week — it’s a “better light from your hot shoe” flash system that’s pretty darn clever.

I ran into them on the Expo floor and then I asked our video crew to stop by and do a quick video. Worth checking out the short 3-minute video.

Made In The USA

All SpinLight 360® products and accessories are proudly made in the USA.

What Is The SpinLight 360®

The SpinLight 360® Modular System is a one-stop solution for controlling your flash light, both on-camera and off. The SpinLight 360® is an extremely versatile system, unlike anything else, and gives you many ways with which you can achieve a bounce flash to get studio quality lighting anywhere you are. By rotating the bounce cards a full 360º, instantly and easily change the direction or ratio of light and shadows on your subject to create three-dimensional looks. You can also, quickly and easily add or change modifiers, with a wide variety to choose from such as Grids, a Snoot, a Clear Dome, a White Dome, a Half-Dome and Gels.

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